Catrub ONE

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Design made in Germany

You are looking for a cat furniture that makes cat and human happy?

You want to have no more problems with the appearance and durability of your cat furniture?

You want an extraordinary and modern cat furniture that looks great and saves space at the same time?

The design-strong Catrub ONE combines all the proven features of scratching posts, cat beds and cat toys in one ultra comfortable and unique piece of furniture.

At the same time, you have a durable and beautiful piece of cat furniture that leaves a clean, uncluttered image in your house or apartment - and gives your cat a special home!

Overall dimension:

Height: 93 cm

Width: 47 cm

Depth: 35 cm

Weight: approx. 8,5 kg


Housing: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) in white or anthracite.

Carpet quality sisal.

Cushion: Cushion including moisture resistant ticking consisting of 95% polyester and 5% polypropylene.


  • Base plate with high-quality wooden feet.
  • Play element with play rail, play ball and scratching box
  • intermediate element
  • Sisal wall and perforated wall
  • Roof dome with integrated play spring
  • Brush for fur care
  • Cushion incl. moisture repellent ticking

Assembly: For the assembly you only have to mount the wooden feet yourself. Instructions, tools and screws for quick and easy assembly are included.

Note: The wooden feet are a natural product, slight color differences are possible.

Spare parts available: sisal elements for sharpening claws, brush for fur care, scratching box, play ball, play pen (all available individually or as a bundle).

Award-winning furniture design: Awarded with the German Design Award 2021 and the IF Design Award 2022!

Functions at a glance

We know that cleaning cat furniture can be a hassle, so we designed the ONE to be as easy to clean as possible. The smooth surface and removable parts make it a breeze to wipe down and sanitize, ensuring your cat's furniture stays fresh and hygienic.
Quality and longevity are at the forefront of our design process. The ONE is constructed with durable materials that can withstand the daily wear and tear of your cat's use. And in the event that any parts need to be replaced, they are easily accessible and replaceable, ensuring that your cat can enjoy the ONE for years to come.
The ONE is more than just a place for your cat to sleep; it's a multi-functional piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. Whether your cat wants to nap, play, sharpen its claws, or groom itself, the ONE has it all. With the ONE, you no longer have to choose between functionality and design. It's the ultimate solution for the modern cat lover. Upgrade your home and your cat's life with the ONE, the must-have piece of cat furniture.
The ONE's modular design allows you to customize it to your exact needs and preferences. You can change and expand it as your cat's needs change and your style evolves. The ONE is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will fit your lifestyle.
Animal friendly design

We have developed the ONE not only for you, but above all for the well-being of your cat - to offer it the best possible species-appropriate comfort. The ONE is a cozy retreat and great playground for your four-legged friend at the same time and allows him to satisfy all his needs.

Hygienic cat furniture is essential to give your cat a long and healthy life. Unhygienic conditions can lead to various health problems such as infections and diseases. The Catrub ONE effectively prevents bacteria and germs that are often present on traditional plush cat furniture. Its modular structure and easy cleaning will create a hygienic environment for your cat, helping to improve your well-being and health.
We understand the importance of finding the right size and shape for your feline friend. That's why we've put in the time and effort to design the ONE with the perfect dimensions to suit cats of all sizes. The oval shape not only saves space in your home but also provides maximum comfort for your cat.
Unique and modern design
Are you tired of having eyesores in your home in the form of plush cat furniture that doesn't match your decor? Look no further than the ONE. With its clean lines and contemporary design, it will elevate the look of any room in your house. It's not just a piece of furniture, it's a statement piece.

Improve not only your life, but also that of your four-legged friend

- with the Catrub ONE ...

The piece of furniture that your cats will love!

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Monika Ziegler
Meine Katzen lieben es

Ich habe 4 Maine Coon Katzen und nach einer neuen Liegemöglichkeit gesucht. Wir haben bereits 5 Kratzbäume und dies ist eine perfekte Abwechslung. Aufbau relativ schnell und einfach. Wurde auch sofort von allen 4 angenommen

Super und sehr schick

Ein super Teil - meine Miezen sin erst bei neuen Sachen immer zögerlich, aber sie gehen mit Leckerlis darein und der kleine Kater nutzt es öfters.
Das Design passt gut in meine Wohnung - kaufe wohl noch einen zweiten Catrub....

Helmut Feldencer

Sehr schön und stabil! Wird von beiden Katzen sehr gut angenommen.
Als obersten Abschluss würden die Katzen sich keinen halbrunden Deckel, sondern noch eine Liegefläche wünschen. Das ist aber Jammern auf sehr hohem Niveau 😊👍

Ute Schwartz
Stylish – ein echter Hingucker

Ich hatte ehrlich gesagt die Befürchtung, dass der Catrub doch nicht so massiv und wertig ist, wie auf den Abbildungen. Aber ich muss sagen: SEHR durchdacht, SEHR wertig, SEHR massiv von den Kunststoffverschalungen her. Ich habe eine Yoga-Schule und eine Yoga-Katze und nun steht der Catrub in meiner Yoga-Lounge. Das Einzige, was ich nicht bedacht habe, ist, dass mein 'Ömchen' (15 Jahre) so einfach nicht mehr aus dem Stand in die obere Abteilung – Ruhe-Zone – des Catrub springt. Werde mal versuchen, die Spieletage nach oben zu verlagern und Schlafen nach unten.
Also ich bin absolut begeistert. Wobei ich ehrlich sagen muss, für 249 € hätte ich den Catrub nicht gekauft.
Daumen hoch für dieses durchdachte, massive, wunderschöne Design-Stück.
Im nächsten Sommer wird der Catrub auch auf der Yoga-Terrasse zum Einsatz kommen. Wirklich ein Highlight, dass er drinnen- und draußengeeignet ist.

Elisabeth Feldner
Cat house

Solides Material, moderne Optik.
Mein Kater ist noch ein wenig skeptisch, aber das gibt sich noch! Toll, dass das Katzenhaus für innen und aussen geeignet ist.......diese Anschaffung macht Sinn und Freude!

Known off


We at Catrub have turned our love for cats and desire for unique cat furniture into reality. By collaborating with international product designers, we have managed, with a lot of patience, effort and creativity, to develop a high-quality cat furniture that combines all the important functions in harmony with a modern design: Catrub ONE